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The NeoLucida
The Present Clock
Designer and filmmaker Scott Thrift created The Present Clock as a response to the contemporary experience of time. To Thrift, living in the moment is impossible when we view the passage of time in increments rather than in vast expanses. It is only when we reflect on past experiences days, weeks, even months after they have occurred that we truly appreciate the moments we’ve seized. Telling a story that lasts a whole year, his clock offers a moving solution to the challenge of slowing down and concentrating on the present.Using a custom German engineered movement, this special timepiece automatically sets itself to the present, making it the perfect gift to celebrate any special day. No matter where you are in the world, the clock’s hand will be in the same place, evoking the concept that time is both a singular and shared experience. As the hand makes its 365 day journey, it travels through a spectrum of rainbow shades that suggest the ever-changing seasons. Equinoxes of the year line up at the three and six positions, and solstices line up at twelve and six.
Toymail Mailmen
Perfect for traveling parents and grandparents, or relatives who live across the world, Toymail Mailmen™ allow grown-ups to stay connected with the kids they love through fun, Wi-Fi-enabled characters. This new breed of smart toy connects wirelessly to your home network to receive messages sent anytime, from anywhere in the world. Using the free app, adults can send children little messages and reminders throughout the day that can be delivered in their own voice or in the mailman’s silly voice. Mailmen™ alert kids of new messages with playful snorts and growls, and are only delivered between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. as to not disturb children’s delicate sleep schedules. Once received, kids can send recorded replies by pressing the big arrow button at the back of the toy. Take your pick of the two lovable characters: Snort, an adorable piglet, and Rochester, a raucous raccoon. Ages 3 years and up.

Grenoble - France
by Loïc Reyes